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Uniform & Equipment

Students must wear full academy uniform at all times when they are within the academy or on an academy visit, unless otherwise stated.



All uniform can be purchased from the following link:


Boys and Girls Year 7-11


  • Black blazer with blue piping and school badge – (provided free in September for year 7 new intake and mid-term transfer students) Black. Blazers should be worn at all times around the academy; blazers can be removed in lessons.
  • Pale blue shirt – Please ensure that the shirt/blouse is not open neck and has a collar with top button attached (as available from ASDA and Tesco)
  • Plain black shoes – (no training shoes, no timberland boots, no boots, no shoes with other colours across)
  • Black tie with stripes – (provided free September for year 7 new intake and midterm transfer students) *Replacement ties will incur a cost of £5.
  • Black trousers for both boys and girls. Skinny fit trousers are not allowed.
  • Black Tights – All students must wear tights and must ensure that they are plain black with no pattern.
  • Bag – All pupils are expected to bring a bag to school to carry books and equipment safely around the Academy.


  • Girls can choose to wear the Dyke House Academy skirt available through Price and Buckland however if alternatives are purchased, skirts must be just above the knee in length
  • Black V-neck Jumper with school badge

If you are in any doubt whether items can be worn in the Academy, please get in contact for clarification before purchasing.




We expect that students always bring the following items into the academy:

  • A suitable school bag
  • Need to Know book
  • Planner
  • Books (supplied by the academy)
  • Stationery – Pen, pencil and ruler


PE Kit


  • Dyke House Academy PE Top
  • Black PE Shorts
  • Black socks
  • Indoor training shoes
  • Outdoor football boots (with moulded studs not exceeding 8mm)


  • Midlayer sports top (DHA logo)
  • Leggings (DHA logo)
  • Tracksuit bottoms (DHA logo)

These can all be purchased from Price and Buckland.


Replacement Uniform

All replacement uniform can be purchased online from Price and Buckland.

  • Blazer £32.00
  • V Neck Jumper £15.00
  • Tie £5.50
  • Sports Shirt £12.00


Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones / smart watches and other electronic technology: to be switched off at the academy gate, kept out of view and remain switched off until students exit the academy gate at the end of the day. If your child is seen with any of the items above in the academy, they will be confiscated, placed in the safe and will only be returned to their parent / carer.


Hair & Jewellery

No jewellery, make-up, false eyelashes or nail varnish allowed.

No exceptions. Students are not allowed to wear any form of jewellery apart from a wrist watch.

Students are to not colour their hair using a bold dye (this includes red, green, blue, purple, orange).

Students are not to have any form of shaved patterns in their hair (this includes sports badges, swirls, squares and any other pattern deemed inappropriate)

Students are not to attend school with any form of ear piercing (this is in line with health & safety recommendations) (nose or any other piercings are not accepted).

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